How to find your GPS coordinates

Updated Sept 08

If you need to know how to find your GPS coordinates of your property or anything else this can be done without the aid of a GPS unit, but is somewhat involved if you need the result to be accurate. By far the easiest way is to buy or borrow a GPS unit or ask your guests if they have one, you'll be surprised how many do.

However, if you wish to find your coordinates using my backup method, then carefully follow the instructions below. Clicking the small maps to the right will open a larger version in another window so you can see what I am talking about. Set your browser to allow pop-ups for this.

The site I use to work out GPS coordinates is Multimap has changed their site since I first posted this page so this is now my updated version on how to use Multimap to find your GPS coordinates. Start by opening up Multimap by clicking on the link above. This will bring you to Multimaps main page.
We are going to find the GPS coordinates of my house in the UK for this explanation or type your postcode to find your coordinates now. If you wish to use it for finding a location in another country then use the drop down menu in the top left corner to select the country of your search. (Searching in any other country will require you fill out your address)
By default it should say Great Britain and NI and above that you can type in your postcode. Type your/my postcode (SO32 1LX) into the box and click 'find'.

Now, the red circle is over the centre of that postcode area, not my/your house. What you would do now is zoom in on the red circle as much as possible using the + at the top of the cross on the right hand side of the map. When you have done that, place the cursor hand over the exact location of your house and click the right hand button of your mouse. A drop down menu appears - select using the left mouse button 'MOVE MAP TO HERE'. The map will recentre over your house. Now with the cursor hand over your house location once again right mouse click to get the drop down menu showing, this time select 'PLACE RED CIRCLE HERE' The red circle will now be over your house as it is with mine. What will also have happened is that below the map to the right will be your GPS coordinates. You have now in effect created your own Multimap page with a red cirlce over your house and your GPS coordinates below it. The good thing is you can save this page in the form of a link, you can then use the link in emails and on web pages to show people where you are. Simply click the link button top right of the map then highlight and copy all the HTML code in the popup box. Save that html in notepad for future use.

To convert coordinates from metric to Lat Lon and vice versa use this site HERE

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